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Cheat at Roulette

Roulette players were often the victims of rigged games of roulette before gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931. Illegal gambling was common in Las Vegas since before the 1900s. Casinos would employ specially modified roulette wheels in their attempts to cheat their patrons.

After gambling was made legal and a new gaming commission oversaw casino operations, most of these rigged wheels were pushed underground in illegal and out of state gambling establishments. The gaming commission had much authority – they could show up unannounced and confiscate any gaming equipment they suspect as rigged and take it back to their lab for testing. The casinos had to comply or risk losing their gaming license. Today, it would be very hard and not worth the risk for casinos to cheat at roulette and they now use honest roulette wheels. If you choose to gamble at an illegal and unlicensed gaming establishment, you are likely to encounter these rigged wheels.

Use Of Magnets

One of the most complex ways to cheat at roulette is to install four equally spaced electromagnets around the roulette wheel. The ball would contain a steel core. The magnets would be connected to a hidden button and magnetic force could be used to direct the ball to anywhere on the wheel. A skilled dealer could direct the ball to an area of the roulette wheel containing few or no bets.

Another method using magnets involves making certain pockets magnetized. In this type of game, the ball is spun and naturally drops from the upper track. The ball is naturally attracted to the magnetized pockets. Since the wheel is constantly spinning, the pockets must be pre-selected. If there were no bets for the magnetized numbers, the dealer would use the steel core ball knowing the ball would be attracted to those pockets. If there was action on these numbers the dealer could simply switch back to using the regular roulette ball and let the natural house advantage of 5.26% kick in.

Tampering With The Wheel

Roulette wheels weren’t just altered by casino staff. There are many instances of brave folks who have broken into the casino after dark and doctored up the roulette wheel. They would arrive with their tools and attempt to loosen some roulette pocket separators. When struck by the spinning ball, they were less likely to bounce out and stay in that pocket. Sometimes they even glued chucks of lead to the bottom of pockets to reduce the bounce of the ball.

Ball Tripping

Another way to cheat at roulette is called “ball tripping”. A small hole is drilled into the upper ball track and a small spring loaded pin is placed in the hole just below the surface. When the dealer hits a small lever, a cable forces the pin against the needle making it protrude above the surface of the wheel. When the ball hits the pin it is forced out of the upper track sooner than normal. A well-practiced dealer could time the tripping of the ball with the position of the wheel. This takes great skill by the dealer to have any effect.

One team of roulette players had a simpler technique of ball tripping. Members of the group would arrive at different times and were careful not to acknowledge each other. When the ball was spinning, one person would create a distraction while another pulled out a straw and blew at the ball causing it to drop out of the upper track. This group was successful and as a result we see shields around roulette wheels and lots of security cameras to keep an eye on you and the action.

Another ball tripping method has one heavy better place a black chip on the second column while their partner stands near the wheel. The numbers in the second column are mostly found on the section of the wheel around number 26. As the ball approached, the person would bump his hips against the table, just enough to make the ball drop from the upper track. Timed just right the trippers could direct the ball into a second column number. Irritated looks from the crowd and the dealer motivated them to collect their winnings and leave.


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