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Online Roulette

Getting started playing online roulette is a lot easier than you think. If you are used to playing roulette in a casino, you’ll find online roulette offers the same excitement and action and more.

The biggest difference between playing roulette online and playing roulette in a casino is the location and environment. When you play online roulette you have complete control over your location and environment. You can play virtually anywhere there is a computer and connection to the Internet. Some online casinos are also starting to offer mobile gambling, where you can play for fun or for real money on any cell phone or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled device.

Every element of a casino is designed with one intent – to separate you from your money. The loud ambient noise and scantily clad waitresses offering you free drinks keep you preoccupied and have a great affect on your playing decisions. Ever wonder why you don’t see windows or clocks in a casino? They don’t want you to know how much time you’ve spent playing, so you’ll play more. Ever try to find you way out of a casino? It’s like a maze, everywhere you look, it looks the same. They don’t make the exits easy to find.

When you play online you control the noise level, distractions and can enjoy daylight from your window and keep an eye on the time with the clock at the bottom of your screen. This leaves you undistracted and comfortable to concentrate on your game.

Typical System Requirements
To play online roulette you need a computer (or WAP enabled mobile device) and a connection to the Internet. Here are the basic system requirements for most online casinos.

Windows XP/2000/98/95/NT
Pentium 100MHz
SVGA Monitor, 256 colors
At least 60MB free Hard Disk Space
Internet Explorer 6

Some casinos offer software that you download to play, some offer “no download” flash versions and some offer both. Usually the software that you download has much better graphics and game play. Flash versions offer the ability to start playing quickly, but the graphics are not usually as good and depend more heavily on your internet connection to work.

Choosing An Online Casino
Now that you are ready to play, you need to decide where to play. If you search for “online casino” you are going to be overwhelmed by the number of casinos to choose from. The best way to decide on a casino is to ask your friends and family and chances are someone has played at an online casino before. If you can’t get a referral from someone you know, you can follow this guide.

When deciding to play at an online casino you should ask a few questions:
- Check to see what games they offer. Do they offer your favorite games? Do they offer a wide selection of games?
- Is their customer support friendly and helpful? Try calling their customer support with a few questions before you sign up and see how they perform.
- What sort of sign up bonuses do they have for new players and what rewards to they offer regular players.
- Do they offer a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw money? Are these methods easy to use?
- Are they associated with other respected gaming organizations and support the work of organizations like Gamblers Anonymous?
- Do they offer a variety of ways to play like download, no download and mobile games
- Can you play for free?

Favorite Place To Play:
This is one online casino that lives up to its reputation as the premier provider of online gaming entertainment. It's simply the best place to play. No where else can you get friendly 24 hour customer service, great bonuses, over 60 different casino games, fast payouts, all kinds of money transfer options, impenetrable security and recommendations by professional third party gaming organizations.


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