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Roulette Secrets

Casinos go to great lengths to protect the honesty of their games for themselves and for their patrons. Large investments are made in security and surveillance equipment that monitor the entire casino as well as things like new decks of cards and new dice for every table each day.

However, roulette is one game that has managed on occasion to slip past the scrutiny of casino security. Most of these roulette secrets are revealed in the book, Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel, by Frank Scoblete.

Scoblete is one of world’s greatest gaming authorities and has written a truly definitive work on the game of roulette. Scoblete offers readers the usual history of the game and how to sections, but also delves into the lesser known roulette secrets, things like dealer biases and “signatures”, sector shooting dealers and wheel clocking and tracking.

Roulette wheels are made of wood and metal and are operated manually. This means over time, they will wear and the operator is also subject to making mistakes. This means the natural randomness of the game is disrupted. This differs from slot machines which are governed by computer processors and games like cards and craps whose results are dictated by probability. This is one of the roulette secrets that many may overlook.

Scoblete reached his conclusions based on a lot of study and research, which included recording 10,000 roulette wheel spins, 3,800 of them from a single roulette wheel. The result of each spin was meticulously recorded and analyzed.

In order for roulette to be unbeatable, Scoblete concludes that the mechanics of the roulette wheel itself would have to be perfect. The balance would have to be flawless, the pockets consistently shaped and surfaced, frets uniformly resilient, the dealers unable to consciously or subconsciously direct the fall of the ball and players unable to predict by sight where the ball will land.

However, the nature of the game and the roulette wheel make all the above issues open for imperfections which can result in the development of biases and inconsistencies. Scoblete even shows you how to find use these to your advantage.

Scoblete’s offers one of the most resourceful and smart roulette books to anyone interested in taking their game to a new level. He reveals all kinds of roulette secrets you should know. Whether you are an experienced roulette player or are new to the game, be sure to read Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel and before you know it, you'll be aware of more roulette secrets than the casinos themselves.


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